«ASKEP.NET» implements the national program of digital transformation of the health care system as a medical information system, which specializes in medical software and provides comprehensive solutions for the automation of medical centers, both in the public and commercial segments. The solutions we develop radically reduce paperwork in medical institutions and undergo a cycle of randomized studies to meet the maximum needs of users.

«ASKEP.NET» is one of the few systems on the market that reproduces a complete document flow in a medical institution; meets the standards of the National Health Service of Ukraine, HL7 protocol and works with DICOM format.

We develop sectoral solutions by agreement.

Main functions of «ASKEP.NET»:

  • Quick online appointment with any doctor in any clinic with the possibility of preliminary familiarization with his profile and experience.
  • Implementation of control over the treatment process and round-the-clock patient access to the history of all his visits to medical institutions, test results, diagnoses, and prescribed treatment.
  • Provision of recommendations in automatic mode using an interactive system of patient data analysis: focusing on specific test indicators in the event of their deviation from the norm, alternative medications, changes in the appointment schedule and rating of doctors, etc.